C.E.M.S.(EH). or  Certificate of Electro-homeopathy is an Homeopathy course. Electro-homeopathy is another therapeutic framework, which keeps up homeostasis between the lymph and blood of perished people, and results in restoring them. It is a characteristic, modest, basic, innocuous, non-lethal, and non-alcoholic. It is likewise free of symptoms. Meds for the treatment practice are produced using home grown plants. The span of the course is 1 year. It is profession situating in nature that gives openings both in the private and government segments. 

Business Areas 

  • Medical clinics 
  • Private Clinics 
  • Medication Stores 
  • Outsourcing (Medical) 

Certificate In Electro – Homeopathy , offers students to learn about how to maintain homeostasis between the lymph & blood of diseased persons.


  • Eligibility: 10+2
  • Course Mode : Year
  • Duration: 6 month
  • Course Short Name: C.E.M.S.