M.D(EH) Doctorate of Medicine in Electrohomeopathy

M.D.(EH). or  Doctorate of Electro-homeopathy course. Electro-homeopathy is another therapeutic framework, which keeps up homeostasis between the lymph and blood of perished people, and results in restoring them. It is a characteristic, modest, basic, innocuous, non-lethal, and non-alcoholic. It is likewise free of symptoms. Meds for the treatment practice are produced using home grown plants. The span of the course is 2 years. It is profession situating in nature that gives openings both in the private and government segments. 

Business Areas 

  • Medical clinics 
  • Private Clinics 
  • Medication Stores 
  • Outsourcing (Medical) 

Eligibility :

Durations :
2 Years

Course Subject

Electropathy Fundamental & Pharmacy
Practice of Electropathy Medicine
Diganosis & Treatment

It must be typewritten on A4 (as using one side only) with student number including name, address and subject.
Thesis length should be 5000 words and would cover all the major topic of the subject including the philosophy of Electro
Homeopathy in their own words. The Thesis must show that the student has a full knowledge and understanding of the
subjects. Examples of experience and personal opinions should be included. All reference must be listed.

Successful students are awarded the Doctor of Medicine in Electrohomeopathy certificate and are entitled to use the initials M.D. (E.H.). Future and Scope
Qualified M.D. (E.H.) eligible for the post of professor in the Medical Institute or research work in Electropathic system.